Harvard University Scholarship

By | July 4, 2023

Harvard University Scholarship


Harvard University Scholarship

Harvard University is one of the best Universities in the United States of America which is recognized for its high rankings. The university which was founded in the 17th century is the oldest university in the United States. In Cambridge Massachusetts, the university is considered a private Ivy League Cambridge named after its first pioneer called John Harvard.

Harvard University is very popular all around the wealth when it comes to fame, wealth and is ranked among the best universities in the world. The university has a large campus and boasts of ten academic faculties or departments which includes the Harvard Radcliffe Institute. The universities major faculties; the Arts and Sciences offer students a wide number of courses to be undertaken for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate academic disciplines.

The other faculties are also good and give students opportunities to attain a degree and a masters degree withing the required time of studies. The university is so popular but the question also is if you can afford tuition fees of $50,000 per semester to Harvard. In this article we will be looking at some scholarship schemes that are available for the 2024-2025 academic years and how to apply for them.

Harvard University Scholarship


This scholarship is given directly the Harvard University to students who they believe are resourceful, intelligent, have a sense of drive and offering a course which will lead to an exceptional career. The grant is made such that is covers any research work that the student may undertake in their course of study. The scholarship awardee is then mentored by the Harvard University Faculty members so the students can reach their aims. The awards lasts for two years and students are awarded an amount of $ 67,000.

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The Financial Aid Office in Harvard is responsible for all forms of financial help to students especially with regards to getting a scholarship. This scholarship is specially for medical students in or outside Harvard who want to apply for any of their medical courses. This is to reduce the high rate of datedness among medical students.


This scholarship is one of the best scholarships schemes in Harvard yet has very limited slots when the time of application is up. It is limited to students who are in dire need of financial help and would have aims of majoring in either psychiatry, neurology and general practice. One of the requirements of this scholarship is to have a notable achievement in cultural activities.


This scholarship helps foreign students like African American, American Indian, Mexican American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian freshmen and sophomores at the Harvard medical school who are struggling financially. This scholarship covers basically everything a student’s needs to be comfortable in school like fees and a monthly stipend for living expenses. Then the students have to attained 45 days of active working for training which will be rewarded with full pay and allowances. Students who also under this scholarship should note that they have a minimum time of two to three years of obligation in their area of specialization.


The NHSC program was established to address the issue to inadequate persons who want to study in the medical field in the Unites States. This program was designed to meet the needs of medical students to help them access education which is not expensive and reduce debtedness. The scholarship awards is worth a year’s tuition fees ,monthly stipends for a year and some stationary and school supplies for the school year. The scholarship is given for a maximum of four years and students or beneficiaries are supposed to renew their scholarship without any competition or going through the initial processes.


Landscape Architecture Foundation Awards: These scholarships are specifically for black people or Africans who are undergraduate or graduate students majoring Landscape architecture. American Association of University Women: This scholarship is awarded to women who are not permanent residents in the United States Aga Khan Scholarships Scholarships for Developing Countries This scholarship is focused on helping needy students from developing countries to sponsor their education abroad. It is for masters’ students who have graduated with outstanding academic performance. Berg Meyer Scholarship This scholarship is worth $2500 dollars and is for students pursuing courses in Interior Design.

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