Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships

By | July 6, 2023

Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships

Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships: Empowering Academic Excellence

The Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships is offered by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. It is a prestigious award designed to support talented students from around the world.

Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships

Overview of Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships

For foreign students who wish to pursue higher study in the UK, the University of Bristol is offering Think Big Scholarships. For undergraduate and graduate programmes at the University of Bristol, think big grants are available for overseas students. Tuition expenses will be covered by the scholarship’s award of a specific sum.

A living cost bursary for the first academic year is also available for students to apply for. Students must have submitted an application to the University of Bristol before beginning their scholarship application in order to be considered for a Think Big scholarship. The Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships are intended for outstanding students with the desire, ambition, and intelligence to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

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Candidates must meet specific requirements, including applying to any undergraduate programme at the University of Bristol and being classed as an abroad student for fee purposes, in order to be eligible for the Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships. To be qualified

1. Applicants must be submitting applications for undergraduate programmes, with the exception of veterinary science, medicine, and dentistry.

2. Applicants must be international students who are not nationals of the United Kingdom.

3. Students must not be in receipt of any other financial aid.

4. Postgraduate applicants must submit applications for social science and law programmes.

5. International students should have strong academic credentials.

6. Applicants must be enrolled as fee-paying international students.

7. They also need to meet the requirements for English competence.

Application Process 

Online application is required.

Students need to have applied to the University of Bristol for the desired programme then begin the Think big scholarship application process. In the scholarship application form, students must include their student ID and other personal data. In no more than 200 words, applicants must respond to three questions. Both undergraduate and graduate applicants must answer various questions.

The application cannot be saved, therefore you must complete and submit it all at once.


The value of the scholarships awarded to international undergraduate students is from £6,500 and £13,000 annually, and they can only be used to pay for tuition. Additionally, candidates can be qualified for a £3,000 living expenses award during their first year of study.

Apart from the financial assistance, Think Big Undergraduate Scholars gain access to numerous opportunities that enhance their academic journey. They become part of a vibrant community of scholars, engaging with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. Scholars can also participate in a range of academic and cultural activities, including workshops, seminars, and networking events.

The Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships offered by the University of Bristol are prestigious awards that recognize and support academic excellence. By investing in talented students from around the world, the university fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment and prepares future leaders who will make a significant impact in their fields.

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