Douglas College International Student Scholarships

By | July 10, 2023

Douglas College International Student Scholarships

Pursue Your Dreams: Douglas College International Student Scholarships

For its dedication to giving students from all over the world a top-notch education, Douglas College, which is situated in Canada’s stunning British Columbia, is well-known. It is the biggest public institution of higher learning that awards degrees and there are 4,210 international students, 8,500 students engaged in continuing education, and nearly 17,000 students enrolled in credit courses.

In addition to bachelor’s degrees, Douglas College also provides career programmes in the fields of business, human services, the creative arts, and general university arts and sciences courses. A variety of scholarships are available from Douglas College to help overseas students with their academic endeavours as part of their commitment to them. The several scholarships for overseas students offered by Douglas College will be covered in this article, along with the advantages they offer.

Douglas College International Student Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships for International Students

International students can apply for entrance scholarships offered by Douglas College. Outstanding students who are enrolling in a full-time programme at the college are given these scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, demonstrated leadership skills, and extracurricular activity. Up to $5,000 in tuition assistance is available to recipients, giving them crucial financial support as they start their educational path.

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International Education Scholarship

International students who have finished at least one semester at Douglas College are eligible for the International Education Scholarship. This scholarship honours leadership abilities, community service, and academic excellence.

The money awarded to chosen candidates, up to $1,000, can be used to pay for tuition and other educational costs. The International Education Scholarship gives students the chance to advance their academic careers and contribute to the vibrant multicultural community at Douglas College.

Global Leadership Scholarship

The Global Leadership Scholarship is intended to assist international students who have distinguished themselves as extraordinary leaders. This award honours students who have contributed positively to their communities and have demonstrated a dedication to social responsibility. Successful candidates are eligible to receive up to $2,000 towards their tuition costs. In addition to offering financial support, the Global Leadership Scholarship recognises and supports students’ potential as leaders.

International Merit-Based Scholarships

International students can apply for merit-based scholarships from Douglas College depending on their academic performance. These bursaries are given to students who have excelled in their previous studies and have a strong academic record.

The scholarship can range in value from $500 to $3,500 every semester, based on the student’s GPA. The Merit-Based Scholarships recognize and reward students’ dedication to their studies, providing them with the means to continue excelling academically at Douglas College.

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the Douglas College International student scholarships:

1. English is a required language.

2. All nations in the world are eligible.

3. Applicants must submit a high school diploma with a minimum GPA of 60% equivalent or higher in order to be considered for admission.

4. The minimum TOEFL iBT score required is 83, while the minimum overall band test score for the IELTS Academic module is 6 .5.

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