University of Waterloo Scholarships

By | July 10, 2023

University of Waterloo Scholarships

A Comprehensive Guide to University of Waterloo Scholarships

The University of Waterloo, which is situated in Ontario, Canada, is well known for its outstanding academic offerings and dedication to the success of its students. The large range of scholarships that are offered to both domestic and international students is one of the main elements in its fame. Waterloo University leads Canada in experiential learning and employer-student interactions, with more than 42000+ students enrolled there each year.

University of Waterloo Scholarships

The university has six faculties and thirteen faculty-based schools that oversee its academic programmes. More than 20,000 undergraduate students are enrolled in the university’s co-op programme, making it the largest post-secondary co-operative education programme in the world. There are several scholarships offered at Waterloo, such as the President’s scholarship and the Entrance scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships

The University of Waterloo provides a wide range of entry grants to entice and recognise exceptional applicants. These scholarships are automatically considered for all qualified applicants and are mostly based on academic merit. The scholarships range in value, with some paying for a sizeable amount of tuition.

The selection procedure may take into account elements including academic performance, extracurricular activity, leadership potential, and community service. Depending on the admission average, the entrance scholarships range in value from $1,500 to $500.

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Twenty scholarships worth $10,000 each are given to deserving overseas students accepted into the first year of an undergraduate degree programme each year. Admission averages of 90% or higher for international applicants will be taken into consideration. It is solely available to maths students and there is no application required.

President’s Scholarship

The University of Waterloo’s President’s Scholarship of Distinction is its highest esteemed scholarship. It is given to extraordinary students who exhibit high academic achievement, leadership potential, and a firm commitment to having a good effect on their communities.

This scholarship provides complete tuition support for up to four years of undergraduate study, as well as extra benefits like mentorship opportunities and exclusive events. For applicants with an admissions average of 90.0% or better, the President’s scholarship is worth $2,000 in total.

Graduate Scholarships 

Graduate students enrolled full-time in a Master’s or Doctoral programme at the University of Waterloo are eligible to apply for the University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship, which is typically worth $1,000 per term for up to three terms. Students must meet the time requirements of their graduate programme and have a minimum first-class (80%) cumulative average in their current programme or over the previous two full academic years.

Graduate departments will automatically propose qualified students depending on their funding allotment; there is no need to submit an application. The programme is open to both domestic and foreign graduate students who are enrolled full-time in a Master’s or Doctoral programme. Departments will automatically designate students depending on their funding allotment and there is no need to submit an application.

Faculty-Specific Scholarships

The University of Waterloo also provides a variety of faculty-specific scholarships in addition to entry grants. These awards are intended to help students who want to major in engineering, mathematics, physics, or business, among other specialised fields of study. They offer financial aid to students who have excelled academically in their chosen faculty and frequently have extra requirements, such as taking part in particular activities or programmes connected to their profession.

The University of Waterloo’s devotion to developing academic success and assisting students in attaining their goals is underscored by its commitment to offering a variety of outstanding scholarships.

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