MIT Scholarships

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MIT Scholarships

MIT Scholarships

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861 in Cambridge Massachusetts. It is a private land-grant research institution that is very famous among students. In this article, we will be taking you through some scholarship schemes that are available at MIT 2024-2025 academic year.

MIT Scholarships

MIT is focused on the development of many areas which concern modern technology uses and science. It was founded to cater to the increasing demand for industrialization in the United States. MIT has adopted and now uses a European polytechnic university model.


The CSS profile is the tool which is given by the college board to determine who is able to qualify for the scholarships at MIT. Using the information below you can know what to provide when applying for a scholarship at MIT.

1. Your parent’s 2023 income tax returns or wage statements

2. Any other records of money earned by the guardian

3. Your parent’s current bank account balances

4 Records of investment

5. Records of untaxed income

Now you have to assign MIT as one of your recipients using CSS code 3514 and answer all the provided questions to MIT. Also, further state if your parents are separated or divorced which means each parent will have to fill out their individual CSS profile application.

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The first in the MIT scholarship scheme is the MIT Scholarship which is awarded to students based on the financial needs of the students only. The scholarship is funded by gifts and amounts of money donated by alumni and from the MIR general funds. The good news is that about 58% of undergraduates mostly get awarded MIT scholarships which are worth about $53,997.

All students who have applied but fill the CSS Profile can apply for the MIT SCHOLARSHIP. Also, students who are awarded this scholarship are encouraged to write to their donors to appreciate them if they are interested in the recipients.


The first-year grant is also a way to get financial aid in MIT in the form of a scholarship. This grant is given to first year students only to be able to get some money to start their life in school. First year students are given items like bed sheets, winter coats, towels and other items for your room as a student. Once you have registered for the semester, the First Year Grant of $2,000 will be credited to your student account along with other financial aid in an equal amount for the fall and spring semesters. Only first-year students are eligible for the grant.

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