The Royal Society APEX Awards

By | July 5, 2023

The Royal Society APEX Awards

The Royal Society APEX Awards: Advancing Excellence in Science and Engineering

The APEX Award scheme provides seasoned independent researchers with a strong track record in their respective fields with an exciting opportunity to pursue real interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research to benefit larger society.

It is a collaboration between the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Society, as well as generous support from the Leverhulme Trust. The famous Royal Society APEX (Advancement of Public Engagement with eXcellence) Awards were created to honour and fund the best British scientists and engineers.

The Royal Society APEX Awards


The objectives of this scheme is to:

1. Encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, with a focus on the area between science, engineering, and the social sciences and humanities.

2. Assist researchers with an excellent track record in developing their research in a new direction by collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines. This type of outstanding interdisciplinary research is unlikely to be sponsored through traditional funding programmes.

3. Provide seed cash to great researchers so they can concentrate on developing their creative research.

4. Recognise engineers and scientists who have excelled in their disciplines and made outstanding contributions. These honours recognise their dedication to increasing scientific understanding, encouraging innovation, and meaningfully involving the public.

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Eligibility Criteria

APEX Awards are available to British engineers and scientists who have made noteworthy advances in their respective fields of study. If you are: You are eligible to apply for this programme.

1. A researcher with an excellent track record as an established independent researcher (this can include engineers, humanities and social sciences scholars, and scientists), based in a UK university or not-for-profit research institution for at least the project’s duration

It will be required of applicants to work with a research partner from an academic institution in the UK or another discipline that is not their own. Both a track record of excellent scientific results and a commitment to engaging the public must be demonstrated by applicants in order to be considered.

Benefits and Support

The Royal Society APEX Awards recipients get a stipend to help with their research and outreach initiatives. This programme offers financing for up to 24 months, up to £100,000 in awards, costs to relieve the applicant and/or co-applicant of some of their administrative and teaching responsibilities, and up to 25% of the total award can be used for research expenses.

The recipients’ ability to further their research in the sciences, create cutting-edge projects, and engage with various audiences is made possible by the financial support they receive. In order to ensure that grantees effectively convey their research and pique the public’s interest in science and engineering, the Royal Society also provides support and direction to help them maximise the effectiveness of their public engagement initiatives.

The Royal Society APEX Awards celebrate excellence in science and engineering while promoting public engagement. By recognizing and supporting scientists and engineers who actively engage with the public, these awards drive scientific innovation, inspire the next generation of researchers, and foster a society that values and appreciates the role of science and engineering in our world.

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